Running with the pack isn't  what we do. Our approach to brochures, ads, newsletters and all other flat printed material is this: "It's about communication ... NOT ART!"

If the piece doesn't effectively comuunicate to your target ... then you're wasting your money.

Promotional Marketing Brochures, Flyers, Ads & Inserts

Our promotional marketing brochures are engineered to function properly. And while "engineered " may sound a bit stuffy for a creative venue ... face it, if it isn't comfortable and fucntional, people will have a hard time reading it ... so they won't. And that sorta defeats the whole purpose of creating the brochure in the first place, doesn't it?

Attention To Detail
Below on the left you see the front cover of this builder's promotional marketing brochure. He does great work. He wanted to promote his attention to detail.  To the right of the cover is what you see when you open the brochure: the inside left panel and the fold-over panel that, when opened, reveal the rest of the inside spread - panels 2 & 3.

We took great care to engineer the piece so that the inside left panel and the fold-over panel would line up perfectly. This also allows the headline "Attention To Detail" to read correctly and seamlessly across the panels.

                               Cover                      Inside Spread Left              Foldover panel

Now, once you open that fold-over panel, "Attention to Detail" still reads across the top.

Multiple Functionality
Below, we again paid careful attention with how the fold-over panel works with panel #1. When read from left to right, it reads, "MASS Efforts Producing Results. This promotional marketing piece was engineered with a pocket in the third panel to solve a specific problem.

                                         Cover                    Inside Spread Left         Fold-over panel

Classic CrooksView Thinking
Basic information about  the MASS program's mission, benefits and how the program works stay the same each year. However, such information as Honorary Chairs, donors and amount of produce received into the program each year changes. Previously, that meant producing a new brochure each year. Our mission was to create a promotional marketing brochure that would be functional without quickly becoming outdated.

To solve that problem, we created a pocket in the third panel. This allows our client to print off inexpensive "buck slips" in-house with the changeable information and slide it into the brochure. Business card slits add further versatility to the piece.

Creating a Promotional Marketing Campaign On a Budget
Our client wanted to streamline things a bit. It was becoming burdensome to create a magazine ad each month for a group of products that helped farmers take care of calves. The target market was females who tend to be who take care of calves. What we did was create 4 ads, one for each of the products in the line. Two are pictured below.

Once we created the four promotional marketing ads, we created a four page magazine insert that kicked off the campaign, exposing the target audience to all 4 concepts. Each page of the insert was designed to serve as a stand alone magazine ad and put into rotation.

The Story of the Baby & Calf Photo.

The photo of the baby mouthing the calf's ear was a one in a million shot and a dream come true. The truth is, I wrote the headline a week before the photo shoot. We brought the calf into the studio and placed the baby. Once they got used to the flash, we simply started shooting as the baby and the calf interacted. Suddenly, the calf moved her head to her left  as the baby sort of moved to his right.  In that instant, the baby discovered a hairy "Binky".  I was standing behind the photographer  nearly yelling in his ear, "Shoot it, Shoot it, Shoot it!"

Out of 80 + shots we took in an hour, we got ONE of the calf's ear in the baby's mouth ... and that's the shot you see above.

Mind you, that shot wasn't taken in New York or Chicago. That "Madison Avenue" shot was taken in a small studio, on the rural outskirts of Lansing, Michigan. And I thought the concept up .... while mowing my lawn.

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