"I can't think of anything more important to leave in the mind of a prospect than a clear idea of who you are."


Q) Who invented the P.S.?

A) Adaline Moore

"She was only a rancher's daughter. But all the
cow men knew 'er."

"Look! If we get Crooks to write this brochure
 then we can go bowling or something."
                                                            "So Crooks says,
'Hand it to them
  and say,
""Call me when your dog gets too tall.""
It was brilliant. Absolutely brilliant."

"That is an awesome idea! Call Crooks,
and make it his problem."

Waterless Tattoos

The #1 thing I have against conventional temporary tattoos is that they require water to apply and kids will use their spit if there's no water around. Plus, there's the mess of the water.

Waterless Tattoos are the answer.

Waterless Tattoos:

  Don't require water,
•  Are less messy, and,
  Are Loved by Children!

For more information on the benefits of Waterless Tattoos, visit the most authoritative Waterless Tattoos site on the web: www.WaterlessTattoos.com

"When does a pregnant pause deliver?"

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